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About exposing web amateurs

Okay, just a couple of weeks ago I ranted a little about giving away the real name of a web amateur, someone who has a regular life, isn’t making money from putting herself in porn or anything. This is something that really does cheese me off. Well, I noticed recently that someone has started putting the real name of the amateur in the motel series of videos in the comments of her videos on various streaming porn sites. I’m ok with commenting on these things after they’ve been posted online, but from the story this couple nearly lost their jobs from their online activities, which did not involve playing with others, just recording themselves, and now some douche is making it possible to look her up online. Stop it, people, just stop it.

Once again, if I’ve linked to your videos or pics and you want them taken down, just comment, and give me some indication to let me know it’s you. It’ll be down ASAP.

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